7 College Must Do’s

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This post is all about squeezing the most out of your college years.  Live it up, be productive, get great grades, make friends, share in new experiences, begin your career!  Here at College Career Success we want you to enjoy college and be successful during and afterward.

First off, you are in college to get an education.  Be sure to understand that the goal of your time and money during these years is to earn a degree that will give you the skills and knowledge to go on to an exciting and fulfilling career.  Even if that sounds boring today, do your future self a solid and work hard in your classes.  The effort you put into college will most certainly give you a boost early in your career.  But, college is not all about books and tests; you will certainly want to have some fun too.  With that said, let’s look a some things that will help you both enjoy college and kill it in the classroom!

1. Put Yourself Out There

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Your freshman year can be very exciting, but college can be also intimidating.  Everything is new and different.  After you get acquainted with your surroundings in the first few weeks, begin to take some deliberate steps to get out there on the proverbial dance floor.  Start small by making a decision to show up to a information meeting about a new club or even simply visiting a new building on campus.  Choose small steps that you can take to continually grow in your confidence as a member of the community.  Before long, you will feel like you have been there for your entire life.  Being confident of yourself within your surroundings will help your social life flourish as well as your grades.

2. Go To Tutoring

Most colleges have free tutoring available for a lot of freshman courses and yet often not many students use this resource.  You can either spend two days trying to figure out a chemistry problem on your own, or you can go to tutoring and learn it in 30 minutes.  Tutoring is a HUGE help and can save you a ton of studying time.  Plus, you will truly learn the material better.  Use the resources available to you to get the most out of your study time and be better prepared for you classes.

3. Join A Club

Clubs in college are a great way to try different things and meet new people.  There are often all different types of clubs from scuba diving to basket weaving or even underwater basket weaving.  Often times, if you stay in a club for a long time, some of your best friends in college can come through these groups.  Join a club or several and get connected while doing things you love!

4. Talk To Your TAs and Professors

Most professors truly want to help their students learn.  Talking to your professor after class or during office hours is again an often under used resource.  Professors and Teaching Assistants (TAs) can help you out when you are stuck on assignments or point you in the right direction if you are lost.  Professors are often willing to help with homework, assignments, and have been known to give hints on upcoming tests!  Also, your professor is a great resource to connecting with the professional world outside of the University.  Ask them about internships and recommendations for work!

5. Try Something New

Similar to joining a club, there are always opportunities on a college campus to try something new even if for just a few hours.  Check out the events listings on campus.  Looks for signs and posters.  Go to a salsa dancing night or a try your hand at painting.  Gather some of your friends to gain some new experiences.  Who knows, you may just be the next Picasso!

6. Study With A Friend Or Group

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Let’s face it; studying can be boring and tedious sometimes.  Liven up your study time by studying with a friend or a small group from class.  Studying with other people can be extremely helpful.  You can compare notes to be sure that you didn’t miss anything.  You can discuss the course material to get a different viewpoint or understanding of the material.  And, you can help each other stay on task.  Plus, it is just more fun to have a friend.  This is especially helpful when studying for a test or completing a difficult homework set.  WARNING!  As great as it is to study with others, be very careful about who you choose to study with.  You will want a study partner that is serious about the course and willing to bring their own input to the session.  Don’t study with someone who just wants you to put in the work for them!  Ultimately, a good study partner can be an invaluable help, but choose wisely.

7. Take A Weird (Awesome) Class

Lastly, along the lines of new experiences, did you know there are whole classes devoted to new and/or awesome things?  There are climbing classes, music theory and volleyball classes, meditation and astronomy classes.  Find an awesome class and be awesome for a few hours a week.

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