Make Less, Earn More

According to a study by NerdWallet, the average US Citizen has $16,000 in credit card debt. Factor in the average $28,000 car payment and $176,000 mortgage loan, student loans and other expenses and it is clear that even with a stable job, financial debt is looming in your child’s future. Unless a different approach is taken, the increasing average American debt will statistically affect your child.

College Career Success is here to help you empower your child to stay out of debt in college and also continue that trend through life. American lifestyle is super-saturated with cultural messages telling us that we need ‘MORE!’, and to have ‘MORE!’, we need a higher paying job. But what if ultimately the road to financial security was paved not with landing a ‘lucrative’ career but choosing a career which lines up with personal values. Recent research has shown that job dissatisfaction is correlated to overspending.  Could higher salaries actually lead to financial insecurity all the while stealing the joy and fulfillment of life itself?

College Career Success aims to connect your student to careers that line up with their values. Our process enables your child to identify what they are passionate about. Instead of burning out mid-career or over-spending to cope with workplace dissatisfaction, they are content and stable in a long term career. Your college investment spans more than four years, it lasts a lifetime.

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Working to set you on the right path for your future career. Find the COLLEGE and MAJOR that fits YOU... and drastically CUT THE COST of college!!

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