Meet A Co-Founder – Lynn Walter Edition

Who is Lynn Walter? What makes him tick? Lynn likes to do WHAT!?


Today is the second installment of the Meet A Co-Founder .  Now it is Lynn Walter’s turn to answer the tough questions…  Again, leave us your own questions for Lynn in the comments!

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 What is your full name?

Lynn Eric Walter

Where are you from?

Hutchinson, KS

Where do you live now?

Ormond Beach, FL

Relationship status?


Where did you attend college and what did you study?

McPherson College, Business Administration with Management Emphasis

What else did you do in college?


Played Basketball, Ran Track

What is one thing that you remember about entering college for the first semester?

It was a hard first semester, I didn’t know I had picked the 3 classes with the most homework all the same semester, and I didn’t like my first roommate at all. He had a clicking keyboard that he would game on till 3 am and let my TV get stolen by not locking the dorm room.

Why are you starting College Career Success?


I want students to be confident in their college and career choices because they know and understand the way they are wired and that helps them make better choices.  I think better college choices will lead to a more engaged work force creating better employees and businesses if they aren’t ridden with debt and enjoy their work.

What is one thing that you are glad you did in college that has benefited you today?

Joined the business club and became friends with my adviser and professors, who I still stay in contact with.

What is one thing that you wish you could have done differently during college?

Sought out internships and experienced different jobs while i was in school; maybe studied abroad as well.

What are your hobbies?

Wakeboarding, officiating basketball, public speaking, triathlons.

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