Moms of Future College Students – Your Questions Answered Here!

To all the moms out there (and Dads!) who are soon to have a child in college, whether a first child leaving the nest or the last child of several, we want to help you!  College planning, selections, applications, scholarships, etc. can be a lot of work… and CONFUSING!  College Career Success has been started with the simple goal of helping families navigate this season of life more efficiently and effectively bringing more unity to the few years left at home instead of more turmoil and disagreements.

This post is for you to tell us where you need help.  Please leave us a comment with your question or request.  Some ideas are below if you need:

  • What are you confused about?
  • What would you like more information on?
  • Where are you or your child getting stuck?
  • What tools would be beneficial for you?
  • What have you searched for but have not found yet?
  • Is there an area of communication/working with your child on college tasks that has been particularly difficult?

If we have an answer for you, we will try to address it right away.  Other questions, suggestions, or requests will give us insight on how to help in the future.  Your comment may just be the subject of our next blog post!

Ok, go!  Leave us your comments below and THANK YOU!

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Working to set you on the right path for your future career. Find the COLLEGE and MAJOR that fits YOU... and drastically CUT THE COST of college!!

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