Is Mike Rowe Correct? Should You Even Go To College?

College or no college, please please please do not… just ‘go to college’…


I wanted to take the opportunity to discuss and support working through the sometimes difficult decision of even going to college in the first place!  Used to be that a college degree was the end all be all of starting down a successful (financially at least) career path.  But, that is how it used to be, and I think you would be hard pressed nowadays to find many people are ready to proclaim that a Bachelor’s degree is all you need to sail right into the wild blue successful yonder.  Does that mean that you will now need a Master’s degree or a Ph.D. to even get a job?  Or, does this mean that college is now useless and you probably shouldn’t even waste your time on it?

What do you think?

There has been a good deal of push back on the notion that college is the ‘only way’ in recent pop culture.  The charge has mostly been led (at least visibly to the public) by Mike Rowe who is well known for highlighting the ‘glory’ of many jobs that do not require a college degree.  Indeed, Mike has done an excellent job in showing why college is not always necessary to have a fulfilling and successful career.  There are many stereotypes about non-degree requiring jobs that are just simply NOT true.  Such as… you can’t make ‘good’ money… you won’t be respected… you are not a ‘smart’ person.  These statements and many similar to them are completely false, and hopefully these stereotypes can be taken out of circulation as soon as possible.

But, make no mistake, there are many stereotypes about college too.  For example, just watch this video from Mr. Rowe himself here.  There is much negative typing being applied to individuals who choose to go to college or do not choose to attend in this video.  Now, Mike Rowe’s video is simply clips from pop culture film and is all in good fun, but where does this leave you??  … probably very confused about what YOU should do.

We here at College Career Success are offering guidance to those looking to go to college, and most of our material pertains to these individuals.  But, this doesn’t mean that we do not support the decision of those who choose to go a different route.  In fact, we will celebrate this decision, because it means that this person has thoughtfully considered their future career and chosen a path that fits them best.  This is our ultimate goal at College Career Success as well.  If you do choose to go to college, we want to help empower you to make the best decisions to be successful and fulfilled in your future career.

In your own searching, do not allow me, Mike Rowe, or anyone else tell you that you must do it ‘this way’ or that another way is no good.  The truth is that there are many paths to many great careers; it can just be a little overwhelming to choose one.

Get out there, and do some searching.  Search inside yourself to highlight some of your skills and passions.  Search the minds of others who have been in careers for a while, just started their career, or are also searching for a future one.  Finally, seek out jobs that interest you and figure out what they are really like.  Search for a few options that really resonate with you and start down those paths.

Search Inside Yourself – Search The Experiences of Others – Search For Resonance

College or no college, please please please do not… just ‘go to college’…  It is way too expensive for that!  Plan ahead and figure out what fits you best.

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