Jason Taussig – College and Career Advice That Colleges Won’t Tell You!

What are you thinking about when you enter college?  Most students are only thinking about making friends and taking in all that campus and college has to offer as a freshman.  Possibly, they are also still trying to figure out which major to choose.  College is exciting indeed (and a freshman should be excited!). But, if you are only thinking about tomorrow or the next month, you will be severely putting your future beyond college at a disadvantage!  But, don’t just take my word for it…  Let’s hear from experienced professionals making waves in their career every day of the week!

Today’s post is the first of a fresh series that is a spin off from our ‘Wisdom From A Recent Graduate’.  The questions are similar, but we wanted to give professionals who have been in an established career a little longer the opportunity to share their insights as well.  Jason Taussig has offered his experienced advice in what to consider NOW to make the most of your future career.  Be sure to follow College Careeer Success on Facebook to receive every edition of this new series!


What is your name and occupation?

Jason Taussig: Assistant Director of Airport Operations Support: Training and Exercise Design


Where did you attend college and what degree(s) did you earn?

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Bachelor of Aeronautical Science. Master of Science In Aeronautics.


Top 7 Mistakes to Avoid when Trying to Choose a College


What did you like most about your time in college?

Life Long friendships, Developing lifelong learning habits, Professional Contacts


What did you like least about your time in college?

I enjoyed most of my college experience. I would say early on, the transition into the newness of it all was challenging accompanied with times of feeling isolated.  I attended college out of state w/out anyone else I knew.


Knowing what you know from your professional career now, what one piece of advice would you offer to a high school junior regarding choosing a major?

Consider your gifting, abilities, and desires in selecting a major. Don’t just base it off of potential earnings.


Why You Should Select Your Major BEFORE You Select A College


What is something that you would’ve done differently during college or early in your career?

Taken more advantage of the activities the school offered. It may not seem like it but the years fly by and you may never get a chance again to take advantage of those things.


What is something valuable that you learned outside of the classroom at college?

Showing love and speaking encouragement to strangers makes a difference.


As a professional now, what advice do you have for college entrants to achieve a successful and fulfilling career?

Be disciplined, be flexible, be resilient, don’t make your identity in what you do. Work on developing character as much as gaining new knowledge.


Make Less, Earn More


What one thing do college students need to know about the working world that college will not teach them?

Work challenges don’t end w/ a final exam.


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