The Absolute Best 6 College Extra-Curricular Activities

What should you get involved with outside of the classroom?


College is a unique time in one’s life and development.  You are learning, living, and socializing all on your own for probably the first time in your life.  Academics and classes are pretty much planned out for you once you’ve finalized your major, but there are many other choices to be made!  One of those… What should you get involved with outside of the classroom?

Clubs, organizations, and events are great ways to make lifelong friends and find a sense of belonging on campus.  Often times, friendships developed from these activities will form your ‘family’ while you are in college.  You can join a whole lot of clubs or just a few, so get out there and find something to be a part of!

Here are 6 amazing extra-curricular activities for you to consider.

Academic Clubs/Teams

Move aside debate team and math team (although those probably still exist in college).  Technically, these are just ‘clubs’, but we are talking about serious academic clubs and teams here.  These teams that you can join that are AWESOME resume builders.  From mini-baja to concrete canoe race teams for engineers and entrepreneurship to investment strategy clubs for business majors.  Whatever your major, there is likely an organization that is centered around pushing the limits in that field.  These organizations are often sponsored by major companies and larger professional organizations.  All of this is most excellent for networking and, again, experiences that dream resumes are made of.

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Now I am talking about a club not centered around academics or sports; these are typically constructed by similar interest, hobby, or culture.  You can join knitting clubs, kayaking clubs, tinkering clubs, video gaming clubs, cooking clubs, religious clubs, nationality-based clubs, Free High-fives clubs, and so on.  Just about anything you want to do, there is a club for that.  And if not, you can start it!

Student Government

Student government may sound boring and like stiff company, but it can be as much fun as any other club out there.  And, talk about another great resume booster! Student government often has elected positions which you can run for, but there are many other ways to get involved.  Check out government happenings to see if you may be interested before you simply pass on it because it sounds ‘boring’.

Club Sports

While simply another type of club on the surface, club sports typically have some added twists that make them a little different.  First off, it many sports teams meet more often than other clubs because of practices.  This just means that you spend more time together and have more opportunity for fun.  Secondly, club sports teams will often travel to other colleges and universities to compete.  I can attest first hand to the fun and adventure of visiting other campuses and competing.  Not only do you get to play sports at a very high level (say goodbye ‘Freshman 15’), but you also get to create strong friendships (as with any club) and make friends at other schools as well!

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Greek Life

Greek life is truly in its own category.  I wasn’t involved in Greek activities, so please leave us a comment on your experiences!  But, I can say that you can mostly ignore all of the stereotypes you see on TV about these organizations.  Fraternity and Sorority memberships can produce lifelong friends, excellent experiences like leadership or community service, networking opportunities, and much more.  Explore these organizations to see if you want to ‘GO GREEK’.

Sporting Events

Many colleges and university have varsity sports programs.  The games, matches, and events for these teams held on or off campus can be a absolute blast.  Gear up, paint up, and pump up for the big game, then go out there and cheer you team to victory along with thousands of your best friends!

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