What To Expect: 7 College Myths?

What stereotypes of college run through your head?  Here we will test out 7 common college myths.

1. You Don’t Have To Go To Class

Yes, you may be out from under your parents’ roof and have the freedom to choose whether to ‘go to school’ or not, but that doesn’t mean that there are no consequences in life anymore!  Above all else, the very first step to have success in college is to show up to class and pay attention.  Upon graduation with a less than mediocre GPA, you be not be so happy about skipping chemistry class every Monday morning to feed your Starbucks addiction.

2. College Is A Party Everyday

There are a rare few on campus that well fit the Hollywood stereotype of a party-crazed college student waking up at 4 PM each day only to revive the ‘party’ soon thereafter.  But, this is not the norm.  In fact, the ‘college party’ is not as common as some may think.  What is common is classes, dorm room and dining hall hang outs with friends, clubs, and activities.  Believe me, these norms are much more beneficial to your future self than the party scene.

3. Freshman 15

As long as you aren’t ‘partying’ everyday (which you shouldn’t) and you are going to class everyday (which you should), the Freshman 15 is not that difficult to avoid.  This is because you have to walk everywhere on campus, which is a good thing!  Walking to class and other activities is healthy and a great way to get outside.  Enjoy your daily walks and appreciate the exercise!

4. Professors Are Your Enemy

Film scenes like to pin the student against the professor in a challenge of intellect and impossible assignments.  This is simply not true; many professors truly care for their students and want to see them all succeed.  Even if you do not agree with your professor on every point, it is often easy to find common respect.  One thing heard all over campus is complaining about professors.  This really is a waste of time and energy; try not to get caught up in this worthless mumbo jumbo.

5. College Kids Are Lazy

Lazy is a relative term, and some will forever see college students as lazy no matter what.  But, this doesn’t mean that their beliefs have to be your reality.  Classes, homework, exams, and campus activities keep your calendar well stocked.  Many college students have part time jobs, participate in undergraduate research, or complete internships.  Get out there and find something that can keep you from complacency and boost your resume.  You should be adding levels of responsibility to your plate each year in college so that you are prepared for life beyond graduation.

6. Once A Geek, Always A Geek

…while this is still a myth, it is a good myth!  On a college campus, ‘geeks’ can be rockstars.  This isn’t high school anymore.  It seems social standings matter much less on a college campus.  Plus, landing major money from a government agency for a research project on the latest development in biomimicry science is COOL!  College is much less about how cool you act and much more about participating in the bigger picture of college life.


For me, this was absolutely TRUE!  Pizza was everywhere on campus and often the meal of choice on Friday and Saturday night.  Then again, this may not be true for everyone.  But, you will probably see signs all over campus offering ‘FREE PIZZA!’ when you show up to a particular event.  Let’s just say that I was a huge supporter of on-campus meetings and events…