PROGRAM HIGHLIGHT: University of Florida Materials Science and Engineering

Today’s post is the first in a new series simply titled: PROGRAM HIGHLIGHT.  As you may have guessed this series will highlight different programs at colleges and universities to showcase the diverse and immense options out there for upcoming college students.  After a student has selected some potential careers (along with determining the majors necessary for those careers) to pursue after college, these programs are a great way to research and compare colleges when making a final choice on admissions.

We will look into the Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) program at the University of Florida (UF) today.  MSE is a discipline that is often misunderstood by some or completely unknown by others.  You’ve probably heard of civil or mechanical engineering, or aerospace or chemical engineering, but what is materials science and engineering.  The bottom line is that everything requires a material, MSE is simply the optimization or the development of a material for a specific function (or sometimes finding a function for a new material!).  MSE has excellent potential for a solid career after graduation because almost every other engineering and science discipline requires material optimization.  If you consider all of the industries surrounding every field of engineering and science… that’s a lot of job opportunities!

The UF MSE program boasts a top 10 graduate and undergraduate ranking in the county.  Core classes in undergraduate study include study of ceramics, electronic materials, metallugy, and polymers.  Graduate and post-graduate research extends the study of these materials and more beyond the surface level (check out Tribology research if you choose not to go deeper than the surface!).

The University’s MSE program is also the host to multiple specific research centers including the Major Analytical Instrumentation Center and the Biomaterials Center.  The ongoing research and development of these specialized facilities has allowed UF MSE stundents, professors, and researchers to build quite a resume of accomplishments. According to the UF website, ‘Bioglass®, the first man-made substance known to bond with living human bone and soft tissue, was invented by an MSE faculty member.’  Similarly, ‘Blue lasers will revolutionize optical data storage and telecommunications. The first room-temperature, optically pumped blue laser was developed by an MSE faculty member. The department has a nationally recognized program to develop semiconductors that lase in the blue region of the spectrum.’

If this sounds exciting to you, then maybe MSE is in your future!  If this type of academics is not quite your idea of a fun day in the classroom, that’s ok too.  But, this is the type of digging and research you should be doing for each of your potential careers at every different potential college you are considering!

Learn more about the UF MSE program at the link below, and follow us to get the next edition of PROGRAM HIGHLIGHT!


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